Company profile

Formerly  a division of the 21st Institute of China Electronic Technology Group,  Ananda Drive Techniques is among the earliest Chinese motor  and controller companies who developed and manufactured for European  e-bike market.

Since  2001, Ananda has exported 800,000 e-bike motors and controllers to  Europe and USA. Nowadays Ananda has been well recognized for its  R&D capability and consistent quality.

Ananda,  with 2 factories and over 600 employees, has an annual production  capacity of over 1.5 million units of motors and 1.8 million units  of controllers.  European Branch was set up in 2013.

With 14 years’ development, Ananda has positioned itself as the leader in the drive technologies for e-vehicles.

National Standard Drafting Unit for Electric Bike & Motorcycle Motor and Controller

Member of Innovation Union of Shanghai Intelligent Equipment Industry

Member of Innovation Union of Shanghai Robot Industry


Year          Milestones

1985         China’s first electric bicycle motor system developed by Ananda team

1996         First generation electric bicycle motor and its control system

1998         Intelligent 1:1 torque motor system

2001         Ananda Shanghai founded

2001         High efficiency integrated module of 250W motor

2003         4th generation sealed waterproof controller

2004         2nd generation high power motor (198)

2006         Ananda Tianjin Factory Set-up

2007         3rd generation high power motor (266)

2010         Dual core motor drive system

2012         The world's first e-bike OLED display

2013         Ananda EU Branch  Set-up

2015         Ananda Jiangsu Factory Set-up

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