R & D strength

Adhering to the market oriented, starting from a point of high and new technology, with product as a link and independent innovation as the driving force, Ananda constantly creates its brand and enhances the company's core competitiveness.

With the company's core competitiveness: by drive technology of products, Ananda adapts to the rapid changes in the market of the permanent magnet drive system. Thanks to energy efficient and precise control of motor drive system and efficient management system, it makes Ananda in the industry's leading position.

Ananda pays high attention to personnel training. In 2005 the company R&D team won the silver medal in Xu Guangqi Talent, two people were rated as Shanghai outstanding subject leaders. At the same time, there are three people to get supported by the Shanghai science and technology star projects. In 2006 our research team has won a great support from Shanghai Technological Innovation, won first prize of Minhang District science and Technology Progress Award in 2007, outstanding academic leaders in 2010, and won again First prize of Minhang District science and Technology Progress Award in 2010.

Products takes the electric bicycle motor drive system as the support in process from R&D to the market, industry and high-end home applied motor drive system as long-term pillar, in future develop to new energy automobile key parts of the motor and the motor control system for potential layer by layer, thus ensure the company's long-term and stable development. At present, Ananda builds electric bicycle motor and its driving control system as the main production and marketing of products, and formed controller production in Shanghai as the center, and motor production mainly in Tianjin, Taizhou, Zhejiang. Our products are all over the world especially for EU market and US market. In the field of electric bicycle, intelligent brushless DC motor drive system from Ananda has achieved great application and won national key new product title of honor.

At the same time, the company has successfully developed a series of industrial controlled and high-end househeld brushless DC motor servo drive system, obtained a wide range of applications in the field of industrial sewing.

In 2004, Ananda built a laboratory for brushless DC motor drive system. The laboratory has a complete test instruments, such like power analyzer, torque speed sensor testing system, measuring machine, professional clamp ammeters and oscilloscope equipment, which provides a test platform for both complete equipment and facilities, greatly improves efficiency of the work of R&D personnel. Therefor it brings Ananda’s R&D testing capabilities into a leading position in the domestic industry.

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