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New Ananda: To expand the European market


New Ananda Drive Techniques (Shanghai) Co., Ltd founded in the nineties (hereinafter referred to as Ananda), developed many motors and electric control systems for e-bikes, which have been widely applied all over the world. It makes Ananda well recognized as pioneering in the field of electric motor and electric control system in China.

With rapid development of the electric bike and the rise of electric car industry, in order to seize market opportunities, Ananda was divided into two parts: One part is engaged in R&D and manufacture of electric motor as New Ananda; The other part is the Edrive, enter in the field of electric vehicle drive system, to provide electric vehicle drive system solutions and the electric car motor R&D and manufacturing. Ananda is currently has manufacturing base in Tianjin, Jiangsu, and Shanghai. The products cover all kinds of motors for electric two-wheel vehicles, providing solutions of electric control system and matching motors for dozens of automobile nterprises.

Recently, reporter interviewed Mr. Huang Hongyue, director of New Ananda, on the Taipei cycle show.

Reporter: It is reported that the domestic market sales for New Ananda have been relatively stable and in recent years New Ananda began to focus on overseas markets. Can you introduce market situation of New Ananda?

Mr. Huang Hongyue: Since its inception, New Ananda has been engaged in the R&D and manufacture of electric motor and electric control system and established the first-line brand in  field of electric vehicles in the domestic market. We have established long-term cooperation with Taiwanese and Japanese brands with high-end market positioning. At the same time, a line of well-known domestic brand automobile enterprise also has established cooperation with us for many years. New Ananda Products are well recognized for its stability and reliability. Although in recent years, the domestic electric vehicle market is declining, but New Ananda maintains the growth of domestic market share and also has rapid development in overseas markets in recent years.

Reporter: What do you think of the European market?

Mr. Huang Hongyue: European electric bike market is a growing market in recent years. Despite the economic slump throughout Europe, the electric bicycle market has maintained a steady growth. Three years ago, as the growth of the business, we set up a branch in Europe, in order to quickly respond to the needs of overseas customers. After years of market development, our products have been exported to Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, Italy and other major markets. I believe New Ananda will achieve better market performance in Europe and the growing US market.

Reporter: Is there any tactics for New Ananda products to open the market in Europe?

Mr. Huang Hongyue: New Ananda is one of the earliest companies involved in electric motor and electric control system. We have an experienced R&D team, which is very familiar with EN15194 / REACH/ROHS and other legal requirements. We can able to respond quickly to meet overseas customer's requirements on the products. As to tactics, it is the market demand-led product development and stable and reliable product quality. On the show, a lot of customers experience our mid motor system. Compared with the similar products in the industry, our system is smaller volume, lighter, more powerful and comfortable riding experience. We got very good feedback from the customers and has received a lot of sample orders. We are looking forward that the motor system will once again become the market mainstream.

Reporter: Now domestic companies take low price as best way to getting into a new market. Will New Ananda also adopt this way into Europe and other markets?

Mr. Huang Hongyue: For an outstanding enterprise, price war is undoubtedly harmful. It will be a vicious cycle and lead to disastrous consequences. New Ananda’s R&D and manufacturing level of motor and electric control system technology is the first-class in China. In fact, the European market has very high brand loyalty. We are willing to develop the European market with domestic counterparts rather than blindly adopt vicious competition on price. What we have to do now is to make the products widely verified by the European customers. It needs us to continuously improve the quality of products and make them more competitive in order to allow customers to choose our products on their own accord.


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