*Ananda does not provide any after-sales service to the end customers. When you encounter problems, please contact Dealer or Brand from which you purchased our products.

Brand or Dealer can apply the after-sales service through ANANDA LINK WEB, we will contact with you and provide spotless after-sales service.

Brand and Dealer can send e-mail to us, we will arrange specialized after-sales service engineer to keep contact with you to tackle your issue.


We are proud and privileged many bicycle buyers around the world use ANANDA series of products.

ANANDA has created the following warranty.


Ananda Drive Techniques(Shanghai) Co., Ltd.

After-sales policy
Ananda provides warranty for the first purchaser or the brands and dealers designated by the first purchaser.
1.  Warranty
Under the case of compliance with local laws and normal using, the warranty period is 30 months from the date of manufacture to feedback date (refer to serial number manifested on the product). If the valid purchase invoice is not provided, the circumstance demonstrated hereinabove will be applicable.
If the valid purchase invoice is provided, the warranty period is 24 months from the date of issuance of the invoice. However, the Maximum warranty period will not exceed 36 months when traces back to the date of manufacture.
The first purchaser can transfer the warranty rights to other third party under the authorization from Ananda.  Other circumstances will be subject to the negotiation conducted by both parties.
2.  Warranty Exclusions
2.1. Product undergo modification and maintenance in private without the authorization of Ananda.
2.2. For commercial or competitive purposes.
2.3. Rentals for commercial profit, such as shared bicycles, the warranty period is 12 months.
2.4. Product damage caused by safety accidents caused by non-Ananda product quality problems.
2.5. Product damage caused by human misuse, negligence, abnormal installation, abnormal repair, abnormal maintenance, alteration, modification or other abnormal, excessive or abnormal use, or violation of Ananda product specification.
2.6. For damages suffered during transportation, the responsibilities of the buyer and the seller shall be determined in accordance with the Incoterms.
2.7. Damage caused by improper transportation or storage by the first buyer or its designated brand or distributor.
2.8. Ananda product is damaged due to abnormality of non-Ananda product.
2.9. Damage caused by user configuration that has not been reviewed by Ananda or unauthorized modification of relevant accessory parameters.
2.10. Parts and components are not manufactured by Ananda, but are procured by Ananda according to the buyer's requirements.
2.11. Damage caused by other force majeure factors.
3.  RMA(Return Material Authorization)
3.1 During the warranty period, customers can apply to Ananda for RMA.
3.2 Ananda agrees to repair or replace (determined by Ananda) defective products in the warranty period.  Defective products need to be confirmed by Anaida as a quality issue.
3.3 Before returning defective products, customers must first obtain a RMA number from Ananda, and provide a list of defective products in a fixed format. (including model, SN, part number, defective description, quantity, etc.)
3.3.1 During the warranty period, the round-trip freight for defective products shall be borne by Ananda. If the customer wishes to pick up the order or other methods, please inform Ananda in advance.
3.3.2 The round-trip shipping freight of products outside the warranty period is borne by the customer.
3.3.3 The RMA Center (Domestic & Overseas) will notify the customer of the repair fee within one week after checking the following conditions(Except holidays). After the customer agrees and signs back the paid repair service form, and Ananda will repair the defective products after receiving the customer's receipt.  (Usually, when the product has the following conditions, pay for repairing)
*Product is out of warranty.
*Product has been misused, abused or repaired without authorization.
*Update, rework and test products according to customer needs.
*Products damaged due to natural disasters, such as thunderstrikes, floods or earthquakes.
*Unauthorized changes and modifications to the product.
*Others subject to warranty exclusions.
3.4 Anada is committed to providing 5 years of repair service on all products sold (except for the discontinued spare parts and unrepairable products).
4. Important notice
4.1 There is a product barcode sticker on Ananda products, which is the voucher of warranty, please do not tear it!  Ananda can only provide service while the sticker is in good condition, if the sticker is removed, contaminated or damaged will void the warranty.
4.2 Ananda will attach a repair record for customers' reference when sending back the repaired products. If you need a detailed report, please ask for it.
4.3 The charges for repairing beyond the warranty period include:
1. Parts cost; 2. Repair labor cost; 3. Return shipping cost.
4.4 Ananda promises its customers the fastest possible efficiency of maintenance (RMA) units. Products manufactured by Ananda, under normal circumstances, within 14 days to complete the repair return to the customer (excluding shipping time) during the warranty period. Products not manufactured by Aneda, such as displays, are subject to the original manufacturer's maintenance period. If the commitment period is exceeded, please contact us immediately and we will report the situation to the customer immediately.
Note: After the purchased products exceed the warranty period, our company will not provide maintenance services, please contact the company's sales department directly to purchase new products.
4.5 There is a three - month warranty after repair, subject to the same problem. In case of improper use by customers and force majeure factors such as thunderstrike and natural disaster, this scope is not covered.
4.6 If the customer has not paid the repair fee within 30 days after signing the paid repair service order (product out of warranty), the products sent for repair will be transferred to the Ananda scrap inventory, and Ananda will no longer take the responsibility for custody and any other responsibility, and will not be able to provide after-sales services.
Contact information:
+86(0)21-3137 1818 (China)
+31(0)24-2049583 (Netherlands)
+36  30-095 3220 (Hungary)
+39  3494624921 (Italy)